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  • Session 0 and 1.

    Jacks adventures

    They are the following:

    We left the inn at Orlaine, to rescue the blacksmiths daughter. We, Jack means, the Lady of the woods Hilda, a spiritual lady Brienne, a dragonman …

  • Session 3

    After we had saved the town, we all set about to do our own thing. Seth went a smithing, Lady Brienne went to her church to pray, silly thing to pray. Lady Farzen had to rest and heal, Lady Hilda had her tent set up, and Jack went to the mayors library …

  • Jack The Pumpkin King

    Jack the Pumpkin King of Argonia I found Argonia quite by accident. I had been walking for a few hours when I came upon a grove of Ash trees, grey as ash. Groves were not uncommon in these lands, certainly not of Ash trees. I’ve seen many groves in …

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