Seth Rolland Harris

Inventor, Tradesman, and lover of a good joke


5’7" 164 lb
Dark brown hair. Light green tinted eyes. Tanned skin.
Visibly Wearing: grey shirt, black pants, black scarf. Dark brown long coat with leather shoulder and outside pocket coverings.


The way to becoming a wanderer…

My name is Sepherin, I am a prince of Alfheim the land of the elves. Hidden inside a fey realm, guarded by the fiercest warriors that would destroy the very portals to cross into the realm before any enemy would be allowed in. As a prince I grew up with privileges, and the weight of future responsibilities. My brother, Hien, took the duty of taking care of the brosibilities; bro and responsibilities, made it up as a kid and it stuck. While he did that and learned how to be a warrior of the royal guard and future captain, I was… well the younger kid with talent. I had a knack for fixing things and creating little gadgets, loved doing it too. Though I wasn’t allowed to mess with my tools all the time because I was under mentoring of my father. Granted he really didn’t have me do a lot of things, Hien mostly took care of the super important stuff. When I got free time, and I wasn’t tinkering, I would wander around town and learn from the streets. I was very young when I first got out and It was the best day ever… for my young age of course. I just hit my early sixties which really isn’t much special but that day I snuck out and I stayed gone for the whole day! Which was awesome, people in town was really diverse in personalities and lots of cool things going on. I met this guy and he had a young daughter walking with him, they were heading to a store if I recall. And they guy made jokes a lot, so I took my swing at them and started cracking puns and some other knock knock jokes. Boy we were having a so good of a time, making jokes and touring the city, he showed me some really swift tricks with his hands too. Honestly they didn’t really interest me but it sure left an impression cause… it became a “sleight”ly good skill I really gotta “hand” it to the man. Well we didn’t know each other that well, we talked and talked mainly because of our common comedic interests, and it stayed that way till dinner time. He took me to an inn with what he would always claim “Food here is always EGGSellent, the really SCRAMBLE your taste buds. In a good way of course! I’ll tell you what though, their spicy seasonings is very OVER EASY!” I died laughing it was too perfect, they had many meals and almost all of them included eggs. Eventually we exchanged names; His was Loric Marie, humble watchman of the town and trader of goods. (and laughs) The evening was fun but it ended quickly when I returned home to a well earned scolding from both my parents and my brother. Hien promised to keep a close watch on me so that I wouldn’t sneak out again and he did for a while. I bugged him with my constant puns as best I could, eventually he started to really enjoy them. He also found it interesting that I wasn’t always lazy, just acting like I was… I tinkered for years and my brother allowed me access to blueprints that we gained from trading outside the elven community. Ranging from tiny creatures made from various gears, springs and metal scraps to advanced pieces that could spark a small fire for a short amount of time. School was a great help, as much as I disliked being there, spending all the time learning about mathematics and magic became more of a benefit than I first would have believed. Of course they gave lessons on the elven God, but that’s where I started to pay the littlest amount of attention. Instead I cracked jokes with the same punchline; boy, must be “uplifting.” Welp. Lets just say that I really got “schooled” on my wrong doing there from time to time. But seriously, I’m sure she enjoys a good laugh too why can’t I be the one to brighten up her day, heh.

I wasn’t an adult yet when I started catching myself, I would tell my brother every time “It’s the faces I tells ya! They look right at me.” He would simply nod and agree with the occasional “is that all?” look… A few times I would really become a total sucker and act all accordingly around the ladies, luckily my terribly jokes got me out of most of them… mainly because not everyone could stand my puns.
Before finally reaching adulthood, it was only natural that I was taught the Elven Sword Dance. Which is just a royal way of saying sword lessons for the elves. My father gave me the basics of dueling and my brother taught me battle tactics and survival. I forget about them sometimes, can’t expect me to remember everything during the heat of the battle. One lesson that stuck with me truly was the accuracy of a weapon crafted to be thrown. It was cool for me, feeling wind rush around me and through my clothes as I would throw a dagger then twirl around to throw an axe. Swift and “to the point” I always said, in which my brother would attempt to keep his Captain’s composure and not laugh. Of course on my own time I continued to practice some of my own tactics, staying hidden, swift feet, a few hand tricks. It mainly tied into my pranking, which I did to some of the lower ranked guards a lot and to my brother of course. It’s not called “brotherly love” for nothing, gotta show that daily affection that occasionally became my monthly trick. On days I wasn’t doing any of that I went out into town to talk with Loric again. From time we would get to chat at a nearby sit in or across a counter. Rarely I would see his daughter, who of which I have not learned her name, she would wince slightly at the constant pun chain going on. So in a slightly polite manner she would ask us to stop while she was there for at least a minute in order to, collect herself was her wording. Now I cannot lie, she indeed caught my eye, but I swear I will try and try, to not fall into that… nope, sorry, can’t rhyme more than three times.
Now I was finally an adult, finished with schooling and books on lore that my brother gave me. Finished with blade arts and learning the trades. Even finished with the mentoring of royal life responsibilities. But I wasn’t done learning what I needed. When it comes to gadgets I get real serious about making them, testing them, and properly using them. My brother still allowed me into the trade stores to look at new prints and parchments from outer lands but one type really caught the attention of the entire royal family. A device known as a gun. Every single part was complicated and needed specific materials to even function correctly. Hien talked about our versions of the weapon but that it wasn’t really used, so I asked to him to show me this tool and possibly allow me to disassemble it. Learn to craft them. For once he gave me a firm no, claimed it to be dangerous to mess with a working product without any real training or knowledge and only the highest ranking officials can learn it. I decided there was no winning him over so I took another route…
The next day I swiped every single schematic for the gun and it’s individual parts. Even the component sheets for different ways to craft the explosive powder. I kept them away for an entire week until I was caught, making my first successful batch of gunpowder, by my mother surprisingly… to my luck it was late into the night, that or the fires of day was just coming to rise… Nah, it was definitely morning and she took me straight to the Captain’s Guard House. It was more so a tower, which is funny; what better way to uphold a high position like the Captain of Royal Guards than a tower. To my hugest surprise I found my brother sitting at his desk doing nothing, my mother smiled and handed me back the prints inside of a scroll case. Right away my brother spoke, “You are quite slick you know, you caught me ‘off guard.’ But you really don’t know how to cover your tracks… which is something you’ll need to know if you plan to continue doing stuff like this in the future.” For simplicities sake I nodded, after which he carried on. “I figured eventually you would keep trying till I at least let you look at the documents, when you didn’t I got curious and as soon as I started looking what I found very obviously pointed to you taking them.” He wasn’t looking me in the eye the entire time and by this time I realized my mother wasn’t standing by my side anymore… “So, here is my deal. You do not steal anymore stuff from our stores and you may continue your ‘research’ but of course there’s a catch… you cannot use our materials, or the family wealth to buy them… you have to earn them. Honestly would be preferred.” I didn’t argue, this was a very strong point and a great chance to be able to continue my new found work interest. My own version of the single shot gun, maybe some modifications, heck the powder packs a real punch on its own could be useful. But getting my own materials is going to suck and without the family name supporting me that’s going to be even harder. A simple agreement and I was off on my powdery day, with already creating a successful batch all I’ll need to do is improve it and put it into a more mechanical use.
This was truly hard. Beyond all that could burn including the stars, this was really hard. My pockets was more empty than the concept of space. I kept thinking this was a real golden opportunity and if only that just supported with coin I could be accomplishing all my goals at an enhanced speed. But I worked with what I had and lucky for me, what I had was a job with Loric. Since his daughter went off to some sort of training, he needed extra hands. Mine were the swiftest he could think of, other than his own, so there wasn’t even the slieghtest of doubts. I earned my coin to make more attempts and he provided the work and a few contacts to help me find what I needed. It never crossed my mind to ask about his daughter, which is odd that it didn’t and I wish it would have because then I wouldn’t have been as surprised when I got home. First thing I “lady”d my eyes on was none other than Loric’s daughter standing outside the gate with my brother, who seemed to be talking to her in that same tone of face that he used with other guardsmen. I shove my hands inside my pockets and continue my way up to the gate, once I finally arrive she makes that face that she sometimes made when I would give out my pun chain. It’s one of those cold iron faces that make you want to say absolutely nothing. Of course I pipe up even faster! “ ‘ey, what brings a fair woman up the stony path to the gates?” I give a wink and slight shrug like I’m ready to crack some jokes and almost instantly she replied. I had no time at all to recover, “because I am supposed to be up here, please don’t make any jokes right now I’m busy learning from Captain Hharia.” I just stop right away, like wow shot down really hard right there. I hadn’t even done anything yet.
Well later I come to find out she is training under my brother’s specific regiment, the powerful one. Takes a few years just to prepare yourself for being in that squad and I know just the trial for her. Maybe I can pull enough jokes to make her collapse under the pressure. Heh, nah… that’s too much work… I’ll just let her be and instead I’ll fascinate myself under some books that Loric spotted me.
Wondrous they were. Filled with very descriptive information and detailed diagrams for loads of material crafts, all written by the same man: Cornelius B. Hoenheim. He must be from the human’s world… it seems to have access to all the rare ingredients I need for my crafts. The books held a few chapters on metalworking and woodworking so I dove in on those too. It’s come to my attention that maybe exploring the other realm could benefit my project because so far I’ve had pretty much no luck… I didn’t start working for Loric right away but even for the first two years for working with him I couldn’t get the right materials to get my prototype working. It’s starting to frustrate me, I’m sure even the ants have noticed how “bugged” I am about this. So since this might be the answer there’s really only one person who could help me get my idea approved for the whole family. My father. So I brought the idea up to him and he was quite proud of my initiative, saying “this could help you really learn about the other lands so that when you take up the place of ruling you may have a better understanding of their world and maybe set in place a good standing relationship… It’s been centuries since I last visited…” yeah he rambled on for too long so I stopped listening. But my idea was definitely guaranteed to pass so that’s good. Of course later on my mother would attempt to abject but she soon decided that it could do a lot of good as long as I stayed out of trouble. Which my brother was sure I wouldn’t be able to do that… and he was right.
After two months of gear prep. and environment prep. it was declared that I was ready to venture forth. However my bro had a final request/command he gave me. Heck saying that is actually being rude, he tells me that I must take a trainee with me… so outside world training would be great to test them and hopefully would keep me out of trouble- and alive. So blindly I agreed, you know to make him happy… then he drops the biggest surprise powder explosive, hmm… bomb sounds better… He drops a huge bomb on me and reveals none other than Loric’s daughter. Whom I’m guessing wasn’t actually sure of her job either ‘cause she was in full stance and announced her name…
“Farzen Marie! Reporting as-” her face however was priceless. “I thought I was escorting a High Official, sir?”
“You are… This is Sepherin Hharia, prince of Alfheim. And my little brother, so do please not let him get killed.” Farzen just stood in disbelief, so I decided to lighten the mood. “Well miss Farzen, I may not have been what you were expecting but I promise I won’t be a… royal pain.” I heard the slight snickers from around, “the years will be filled with dashing new adventures and charming cities!” Finally I got her to giggle with these ones… it was getting really tense and I hate when that happens, it can really cause everyone to have a bad time. Once she lightened up a bit the family sent me on the way but before I could leave I had to get some business done. So I took Farzen on a short detour to someone I met at the shop with Loric who said he could hook me up with a special gift whenever I need to hide in plain sight within a home that isn’t really yours.
After a quick in and out I was on my way finally… geared and ready to go… I was given weapons, armor, clothes, and a few extra gear along with my tools and documents. The long coat was part of the elite ranger squad cover clothes to hide pretty much anything on your person. It had hidden inside pockets for a lot of smaller items… or a bonus dagger. The under armor was part of the light guard set complete with a really nice pair of boots. The rest was special clothes I thought would come in handy… dark clothing, and a black scarf. And of course my “gift”

My name… Is Seth Rolland Harris, I am a half-elf craftsman interested in trade and raw materials. Also an inventor. I am with my companion Farzen, a hired guard while I travel the land.
How do I keep up this identity? Forged papers. A residue that mimics facial hair growth. And an agreement that hopefully doesn’t slip loose with Farzen to not treat me like the prince or any sort of noble for that matter. No one in this land knows who I am, but a few may know of my name… so while I’m here I am not Sepherin the future king, I am Seth the soon to be greatest inventor but somehow laid back adventurer in the world of humans!

Seth Rolland Harris

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