Session 3


After we had saved the town, we all set about to do our own thing. Seth went a smithing, Lady Brienne went to her church to pray, silly thing to pray. Lady Farzen had to rest and heal, Lady Hilda had her tent set up, and Jack went to the mayors library for his own findings. Argonia was waiting to be found again by its king, Jack. After finding only a few books Jack went in search of everyone else. Finding Lady Hilda in her tent set up for readings, Jack decided to help out by drawing a crowd. Jack played fantastic he did, bringing more people than he thought possible, and making alot of coin for both of us. Hatchett and his friend BelacX just hung about,  watching, brawling, making Lady Hilda annoyed. 

While they were standing around Hatchett seemed to notice some more Hounds hanging about watching us. We went to intercept them and see what they wanted just as Seth joined us in it. Which the hounds told us that there were more of them in town trying to take us out. Out we took them, and guess who showed up? The carter, him and his goblin lackeys. After finding out that they are waiting on a signal from their boss, a whistle which Jack was able to mimic and draw the remaining dozen or so Hounds remaining to the mayors house.

However Jack is getting ahead of himself. Apparently Lady Briennes praying worked Jack guesses because she came to us with a request. She has a task and purpose, to capture the Hounds and bring them to justice. So apart from the few we killed already we managed to capture the rest of the gang and put them in jail. And with no dead bodies, there is no carter to show up and take them. 

Which reminds Jack, we decided to find out about the masked man, the carter, Karlarel. We asked the inn keeper about him, and he pointed us to a hunter out in the wilderness who might be able to help us. We were told that he leaves early to hunt so we set out as soon as able. Not long after we left Wend, we found the hunter. His name escapes Jack for the moment, but the information he gave us Jack will never forget. What he told us will be with Jack forever. A place in the woods several miles to the NE, a place of death. A mound of something in the center of it, beating like a heartbeat. What in Meloras name could that be?? Something from a nightmare. So Jack and his friends readied themselves and set out. We encountered some half starved, rabid even wolves not far from the hunters hut. Jack tried to get them to leave, to go get food elsewhere, but they didn't listen or care. So we put them down, some trouble involved because they knocked half of us down and were about to rip throats out. 

We were only a few hours away from the area of death but, Lady Hilda suggested we stop for The night and tackle the mound during the day. Which we got to, and nothing could've prepared us for this. A obelisk of black ooze, or something, seemingly growing with time. Stairs leading down was our pathway, too which met, pit traps, goblins, magic symbols on the floor, and a really fat, big goblin who, after some convincing, managed to tell where Karlarel could be found. Backtracking wasn't all that bad, until we ran into, ZOMBIES!! Undead creatures brought back by Karlarel for what purpose we are about to find out.


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