Session 0-2.

Jacks Adventures

Jacks adventures

They are the following:

We left the inn at Orlaine, to rescue the blacksmiths daughter. We, Jack means, the Lady of the woods Hilda, a spiritual lady Brienne, a dragonman Belac X (odd name that one), two elves Farzen the female and Seth the male and Hatchet a human mercenary. Tracked the goblins trail we did into the Boarwoods. Found a cave they had, Jack tried to charm one, but somehow this guys little mind was stronger than Jack thought. But dispatched them the Lady and Seth did, and down we went. More of the buggers we encountered and a trap pit, a giant goblinesque creature. Then we found her, the smiths’ daughter Jenna. She was lying on a table, unconscious. Jack tried to wake her, he kissed her, like he knew it might work, but it did not. Jack doesn’t know why he passed her by but he did and went to a statue.

There was some Oath for the Order of the Dawn? And mention of knowledge. Jack needs knowledge, to find Argonia, to return. So Jack speaks the oath, the door begins to open but stops. Jack needs the knowledge so jack will push it open and force himself through. Perhaps that is why these skeletons attacked jack, or that he didn’t use his true name? Jack will never use his true name. Never, jack, never. That is the last thing Jack remembers, before the world went black. The old lady is standing over him, blood on jacks’ shirt. She saved jack? Brienne save Jack? Hatchet saved jack? All have saved jack? Oh dear.

The girl is saved, we rest. Jack is tired, Jack is hurt. Brienne throws the girl over her shoulder like a military soldier!! And we begin back to town. At the inn we are met with thanks, payments, and praise. Jack makes a tale of the deeds of his friends, Jack has friends now. Jack and his friends are then hired by Pasko? Paskel? Mr P. Jack will call him. Hired to escort him, his daughter, and wagon up to the wayward wanderer and then on to Wend. Maybe Jack can find the knowings of Argonia, or the Madcap.

We set off; on the road we are bound. Before we get to the WW we are met by some humanoid fire beings. What cruelty can make people alive but on fire? Jack doesn’t want to know, but they are fired up to kill us. (Ha-ha Seth will be happy). And we make it to the WW, Mr P along the way told us about pickles, meat, and the biscuits. We order food, and Jack meets another dragonman!! What is going on??? His name is Kinra and he doesn’t like jack talking like him. Fine, Jack wont. He sells Jack interesting things, and has more to sell. One day Jack will come back.

We ended our stay at the WW and headed off to Wend. No surprise to Jack, Mr P is still telling stories. Jack likes stories. We get to Wend, at the inn. And our vision is accosted by these bullies. Needless to say we kill them. And out of nowhere this floating man takes the dead bodies, and pays us in blood money. No one wants it, but Jack takes it. Money is money; money will help him find Argonia. And Jack charms one of these Rabid Hounds they call themselves. Interrogate him, beat him, and the cleric, LADY Brienne does the unthinkable from her!! She kills him! How unfortunate, she beat Jack to it. And we end up rescuing the mayor from the rest of the Rabid Hounds who was held prisoner for ransom from Wend. Library, Jack needs a library. The mayors will do just fine.



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